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Damascus Limited Edition
Item #: 0.8461.J12

Your Price: $399.00

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Damascus Limited Edition

Item Number :  0.8461.J12

Introducing the most prestigious knife of the year!  The Damascus Limited Edition Swiss Army Knife. The unique Damascus blade with a Swiss Walnut handle, limited production to only 600 pieces across North America, make this knife a very special piece for collectors and knife enthusiasts alike.

To see a full list of the implements this Swiss Army Knife has to offer, please scroll down.  Once you scroll down click on the “Tools” tab located on the right side of the screen

Your Price :  $399.00
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This special knife combines beautiful aesthetics with state-of-the-art metallurgic science and manufacturing technology to create a time-honored unique Damascus blade with Swiss Walnut handle. Each knife is serialized, comes with a certificate of authenticity, and is presented in an elegant gift box.  A great gift for the collector!

Damascus steel – the finest steel of the swordsmith

Damascus steel represents craftsmanship that goes back more than a thousand years. Even in antiquity, a few resourceful swordsmiths knew how to create blades of unusual toughness and hardness from different kinds of steel. The multiple folding and forge welding led to a homogenization of the material, and required a great deal of skill and dedication. Then as now, the crowning highlight in the production of a Damascus blade was the finish.  With careful grinding, polishing and etching, the unique and characteristic patterns are revealed, thereby providing a glimpse into the soul of the steel. (The blade of this knife is manufactured from stainless high quality Damascus steel, 60 HRc)

  1. large lock blade for one hand 
  2. Phillips screwdriver  
  3. key ring  
  4. reamer 
  5. cap lifter with
  6. -screwdriver
  7. -wire stripper
  8. wood saw 
Blade Type Lockblades
Length 111 mm
Width 1.4 mm
Height 0.7 mm
Weight 4.6 oz

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