Gifts for Chefs Must-Have Kitchen Knives

Must-have knives for every kitchen: Gifts for home chefs

At Victorinox, we design and manufacture strong knives that make it easy for every home chef to practice their skills. From really big chef’s knives that slice right through a roast to deft little paring knives you can use to peel a grape, we’ve got all the cooking stations covered. And all the styles. Some like a lot of color in their kitchen, other want classic forged knives with robust rivets. Either way and everything in between, you’ll find a knife for every character.

A convenient and chic addition to any kitchen

Gift your favorite chef our Swiss Modern Knife Block. It includes all the knives you need for daily cooking, plus each knife has an ergonomic handle in stylish Scandinavian-inspired colors and a blade that’s been crafted for precision. The ideal gift for the chef who has great taste.

Swiss Modern Knife Block

Timeless elegance, exceptional quality

For the gourmet chef and the cook that just loves making fabulous food. This forged Grand Maître Chef’s Knife is beautifully balanced from blade to handle, meaning it’s perfect for all kinds of slicing and dicing. The gorgeous design makes its quality obvious. It’s a gift that compliments the cooking skills of the person who receives it.

Grand Maître Chef’s Knife

A paring knife set in lively colors

The Swiss Classic Paring Knife Set comes in vivid colors that would brighten up anyone’s day. The best part is, the quality of these knives is still serious: they are made using our top-class process, just like all our knives. And they’re dishwasher safe, so use them and just toss them in afterwards. For cooks who love tough, beautiful and low-maintenance knives.

Swiss Classic Paring Knife Set

The intuitive, versatile and cheerful grater

This little kitchen gadget simplifies grating with slip-resistant silicone feet that help keep knuckles intact. Two sizes – coarse and fine – cover all things gratable in a kitchen. One handles rough stuff like apples and carrots, the other adds style to the table for fresh parmesan. Graters available in two cheerful colors.


Space-saving, understated: the drawer organizer’s dream

Form follows function in a drawer. Also, it looks great. Our Fibrox In-Drawer Knife Holder tidies up counter space and comes with the whole Fibrox knife set. Its ergonomic shape offers easy access to just the right knife at just the right time, and fits into a vast array of drawer styles. For the organized cooks on your list – or those who aspire to be organized.

Fibrox In-Drawer Knife Holder