Dive Right In The Urban Surfers

Go surfing with the Swiss Surfing Association’s favorite watch

What do Swiss surfers look for in a waterproof watch? Innovation, robustness, simplicity and elegance in design.

Victorinox has been sponsoring the Swiss Surfing Association since 1994, thanks to our shared love of adventure and an active lifestyle. It takes real passion to surf in landlocked Switzerland and we have long admired the dedication of Swiss pro surfers.

Jan and Jonas are two key members of the Swiss Surf Association and have been practicing their sport with equal parts devotion and commitment for many years. They show us urban Swiss surfing culture, as well as sharing with us what they look for in a timepiece. So whether you are hitting the waves or hitting the streets, you'll be inspired by our functional and stylish watches.

I.N.O.X. Professional Diver

red, 45 mm
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I.N.O.X. Professional Diver Titanium

black, 45 mm
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Deluxe Flapover Laptop Backpack

Deep Lake
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