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Practical Living: Patrick from Helvetic Collective Explains why Victorinox Products Work for Him

Patrick Güller laughs as he acknowledges how much he has on his plate currently. Part way through a Masters degree, President of the Helvetic Collective and avid explorer of the Alps in his spare time, life can be very busy.

These talented photographers have been working with Victorinox for a few years now, often collaborating on projects in conjunction with the Swiss tourist board, MySwitzerland. As fans of Victorinox, they rely on the strength, multifunctionality and attention to detail of our products.

Against the stunning backdrop of Switzerland, both alpine and urban, Patrick explains how our backpacks fit into his busy lifestyle and help him stay organized, whether he’s in the classroom or on a glacier. Get inspired by their creative energy for your next trip up a mountain or within the urban jungle.

Vx Touring CitySports Daypack

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FieldForce Sport Chrono

gray, 42 mm
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Altmont Original Vertical-Zip Laptop Backpack

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FieldForce Sport Chrono

black, 42 mm
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I.N.O.X. V

white, 37 mm
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