Be Your Best You Rule Number 1: Get Outside

Why Time Spent Outside is Invaluable for your Physical and Mental Wellbeing

Do you ever have the feeling that daily life is so busy, it’s difficult to find the time to breathe? In Switzerland, we value a lifestyle that is strongly connected to the outdoors and to nature. It’s vital to feel the sun on your face, breathe fresh air and simply get away from the hustle of your routine once in a while.

Of course that’s hard to do right now, but not impossible. For us, this is a very important part of being your best you, whether it means standing on your balcony to get some sunshine during quarantine or taking a longer hike in times to come.

Thies, father, nature lover, founder and creative talent behind Uberding, shares our philosophy. For him, there is nothing better than time spent in nature to bring some balance to his life. Here’s his take on the importance of getting outside for an active lifestyle to inspire you for the future.

From Urban to Outdoor

I was always a city person who felt most at home in the urban chaos and hustle and bustle. Yet over recent years a feeling has crept in that I’ve stopped trying to deny, which is that I’m increasingly drawn out of the city and into nature. Perhaps it signals the end of my years spent working in the noisy nightlife scene of diverse cities, or perhaps it’s because being a dad makes sleep and peace more important to me.

Improve your Eyesight

For me, the escape into nature is my compensation for our often hectic everyday routine. And until I’m ready to swap my urban surroundings for full time life in the countryside, short or even long trips into nature are essential to my wellbeing. There may be other unexpected benefits too – certain studies suggest that people who have spent much of their time outdoors since early childhood are less likely to develop nearsightedness.

Get off the Treadmill and Get Outside

I find that time spent in the mountains helps to ground me and I am drawn to the grand, jagged, landscapes and the wide blue sky. It was a love of these landscapes which led me to pursue my great passion, outdoor photography. Here, between the mountains and very close to the sky, I always try to be observant and present and to capture my surroundings with all my senses. Whether I’m hiking or going for a run, time simply seems to be more enjoyable when spent outdoors. And I’m not alone in this: research shows that training outside makes us not just fitter, but also happier.

Get the Buzz

For most people though, it’s just not possible to grab deep lungfuls of that fresh mountain air when we need a shot of motivation at work. That’s why many turn to a shot of espresso instead. I prefer another way. When I’m at my desk and need to find my focus again, I take a twenty minute walk in the fresh air. I find it works just as well as a cup of coffee.
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