13 Sep 2018

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Victorinox Swiss Army Steel

Distinctive and cool, STEEL is the latest Victorinox signature scent created for the modern man. Vigorous and refreshing bursts of aquatic accords blend with viola leaves, lavender and vibrant cedarwood to create a sensation as magnetic and powerful as steel itself. To emphasize its unique character, the iconic flacon appears in an exclusive design inspired by strength and elegance.

In 2018, Victorinox, inventor of the legendary “Original Swiss Army Knife”, launched a new master-piece. The unique character of STEEL arouses the curiosity of refined, confident men around the globe. Strong and elemental, it embodies their spirit of enterprise. Its compelling scent will carry them through their daily business, adventure trips and romantic getaways. This new signature scent is second to none and a must-have fragrance for modern men all year round.

Essentially aquatic with a charismatic twist
Conceived by Christophe Raynaud of Firmenich, STEEL is a deep fresh fragrance. The senses are awakened by the crisp vegetal bouquet of viola leaves mixed with inherently masculine lavender. Yet, it is the watery woody composition what makes this scent really stand out. It reveals a refreshing sea breeze accord which blows intensely to form an enduring and luminous experience for the senses. The blue note is complemented in harmony with a green hint of lichen while cedarwood sends out a vigorous signal.

Sharp Design
Iconic design is an essential part of the Victorinox DNA. The bold, square-shaped flacon of this new signature scent is a powerful statement embodying masculinity. Crowned with a grey cap, its colour gradient descends from transparent grey to blue, reflecting the combination of clear blue water and metal. True to the brand’s heritage, the flacon is decorated with the Victorinox cross and shield emblem, produced from steel refined at the brand’s famous knife factory in Switzerland. And more than that, this scent is 100% Swiss made, from product development to production with high-quality ingredients.

Victorinox Swiss Army STEEL envelops the contemporary man in a fresh and aquatic burst to enhance his distinctive style. It complements the existing range of seven male Victorinox fragrances perfectly, symbolizing freedom, power and autonomy.

This compelling fragrance is available as an Eau de Toilette of 100ml, but also as a convenient, easy-to-carry travel size of 50ml. Throughout the day, men on the move can grasp the bold, iconic flacon, enveloping themselves in the scent’s natural, masculine energy.

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