09 Sep 2019

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Victorinox Allrounder Cutting Boards

The stylish and high-quality Allrounder Cutting Boards are part and parcel of the Victorinox product range. Exclusively produced for Victorinox by our US partner Epicurean, they do much more than just look good in the kitchen. Developed and made from material also used for skateparks, they are sustainable, dishwasher-safe and absolutely blade-friendly.

Food preparation made easy with the Victorinox Allrounder Cutting Boards: Simple and smooth, the boards are made of eco-friendly wood fiber emphasizing Victorinox’ commitment to sustainability. Whilst its elegant design makes it a top accessory in any kitchen, the Allrounder Cutting Board also shares the functionality of Victorinox’ legendary Swiss Army Knife. It comes with a circular hole for hanging, is heat-resistant, dishwasher-safe and doesn’t blunt blades. The medium and large boards also include a practical juice groove. The board can also be used as a trivet or as a platter for serving cheese or canapés in a stylish way.

The secret lies in the unique material of the boards. Wood fiber has the warmth and great looks of a wood product, but it is light, thin and dishwasher-safe. Further, the boards are very resistant when compared with plastic or regular wooden boards and deeper cuts are reduced to a minimum. The Allrounder Cutting Boards are therefore more hygienic, easier to keep clean and there’s no risk of microplastic finding its way into your food.

Sustainability is a big topic for the production of the Allrounder Cutting Boards. Epicurean has its roots in building custom skate parks and during the construction of their half pipes and ramps, smaller pieces of high-quality fiber wood remained. Instead of throwing it away, the innovative company decided to find other ways to use the leftover material. With the idea of cutting boards in mind, they approached Victorinox and found a strong partner to further develop this inventive and sustainable concept.

Not only was sustainability key to the original product idea, but partners and the supplier of the material are also very carefully selected. All of them are FSC-certified and with GREENGUARD accreditation. They also have what is essentially a closed-loop energy system, with wasted resin being recaptured and used as fuel during the drying stage, minimizing their natural gas usage by 83%. Following the example set by Victorinox, Epicurian itself uses a heat reclamation system where heat from suction pumps is reclaimed and used to heat the warehouse.

Not only is the wood fiber used for the Allrounder Cutting Boards all natural, but also the wax care for maintaining the boards is made of all-natural ingredients like beeswax and mineral oil. The Protective Wax for Cutting Boards keeps boards in a smooth, oiled condition to ensure that they stay a hard-wearing and durable companion in your kitchen.

The Victorinox Allrounder Cutting Boards come in two colorways and three sizes and complete the extensive collection of Victorinox kitchen knives. They are available from Victorinox stores and the Victorinox Online Shop.

Victorinox prides itself on more than 130 years of experience in the manufacturing of high-quality knives in Switzerland and further tools for professional and amateur chefs alike. Therefore, Victorinox offers a lifetime guarantee against any defects in material and workmanship.


Allrounder Cutting Board Big

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Allrounder Cutting Board Medium

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Allrounder Cutting Board Small

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Cutting Board Stand

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Protective Wax for Cutting Boards

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