27 Oct 2019

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I.N.O.X. V Collection

Versatile. Bold. One & Only.

Two unique models join the I.N.O.X. V Collection of versatile watches for the heroines of contemporary life. Like these women, the timepieces adapt to everyday challenges without losing an inch of feminine style and sophistication. Smartly juxtaposing softness and strength, they build on the inimitable functionality and design for which the Victorinox brand is celebrated. The dials, indexes and hands play with the tender colors of grey and pink, incased in the warmth of rose gold or the coolness of silver. In sharp, stylish contrast, the tough black straps, made of handwoven paracord or genuine rubber, add a touch of fierce determination.

I.N.O.X. V meets the needs of today’s empowered, multi-tasking woman wherever she may be and whatever the situation. The wearer of the rose gold model confidently secures its black paracord strap to her wrist with an easy-closing, newly designed system. Knowing that the material is traditionally used for parachute suspension lines and has a breaking strength of 250 kg, puts a confident smile on her face.

Alternatively, she may go for the smart silver case, set off by a genuine black rubber strap to suit just about any activity. Whatever her choice, she admires the boldness of the easily readable indexes and hands. She also enjoys attaching the black bumper for ultimate protection or simply a quick change of look. A 5-year warranty+ on the watch additionally emphasizes the high-quality approach of Victorinox.

Strong is undoubtedly the new pretty. Up to 130 stringent durability tests preceded the birth of the I.N.O.X. V. This portfolio of performance is understandably in touch with its feminine side and even includes a notorious “handbag challenge”. Indeed, this watch can survive crashing about with metal pens corrosive insect repellent and any other typical items that women need to carry each day.

I.N.O.X. V is set to become the versatile watch of choice for bold and victorious women around the globe.