18 Jan 2019

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Hunter Pro Alox

The Hunter Pro Alox, the knife that delighted fans and set new standards in the market, has been reinterpreted in red. With its perfect form and iconic appearance, the Hunter Pro Alox proves that a knife can be large, yet slim at the same time.

The new Hunter Pro Alox comes complete with the renowned Victorinox quality. The product upgrades include intelligent solutions for carrying the knife around, as well as the timeless Alox design. The subtly shimmering interplay between blade, springs, liners, scales and clip sets add an elegant touch and give the Hunter Pro Alox genuine star appeal!

The latest edition of the folding knife comes with ribbed red Alox scales. They feature the characteristic Victorinox cross and shield emblem, a particular highlight in this model. The clinch sealing is extremely well executed. At the same time, the Hunter Pro Alox has a slightly slimmer shape, making it even more comfortable to carry.

Another new feature of the Victorinox Hunter Pro Alox is the smart clip design and the lanyard hole integrated into the spring, together with an intricately-woven Paracord pendant. The curved, silver-colored clip fits easily onto the scale so the knife can be securely attached to your garment and still be easily accessible. The tried and tested carrying method is to attach the clip to a front pants pocket, or to the waistband behind the belt. This means the knife can be carried comfortably and discreetly, without getting in the way of smartphones, keys, or similar items. An alternative method is to slip the Hunter Pro Alox into your pants pocket on its own without the clip.

The red-colored woven Paracord Pendant can also be attached to the knife together with the clip. It adds a decorative touch, gives a better grip, and the knife can be easily located in the pocket. And if needed when you are out and about, you can simply unravel the Paracord Pendant to make a strong line.

Despite the impressive grip length of around 130 millimeters and its indestructible construction, the Hunter Pro Alox weighs a mere 186 grams. The sturdy blade made of the best rust-resistant steel cuts efficiently and smoothly and can be ready to use with just one hand. A tried and tested locking mechanism guarantees the highest levels of safety, even for the most challenging cutting and carving activities.

The elegant look, the timeless appeal of the materials, and the advanced functionality make the Hunter Pro Alox both an indestructible design item and a loyal companion for everyday use. This multi-talented pocket knife cuts a fine figure, whether you are wearing business attire or jeans. The new Victorinox Hunter Pro Alox is available in stores from mid-January 2019.

Key features

  • Article number: 0.9415.20
  • Large, extra-strong lock blade 
  • Elegant Alox design
  • The subtly shimmering interplay between liners, blade, scales, and clip adds an elegant touch 
  • Ergonomic, sturdy handle 
  • Removable clip
  • Integrated lanyard hole for Paracord Pendant 
  • Includes an intricately woven Paracord Pendant
  • Clip and Paracord Pendant can be attached to the knife at the same time
  • Weighs only 186 grams

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