29 Apr 2019

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Altmont Active Lightweight

Alpine Heritage. Urban Functionality.

Victorinox Travel Gear launches its lightest backpacks ever, reducing the weight of Altmont Active bags by 30 per cent. Made of lightweight, durable and water-repellent nylon, they demonstrate the intelligence of alpine rucksack engineering both inside and out. Virtually any item can be stored in the multi-functional pockets or secured to the exterior using gear loops and cord systems. Comfort is assured thanks to a smart combination of compression-molded back panels, an airflow system and adjustable sternum and shoulder straps. Altmont Active Lightweight is a smart companion for all adventures, from city bike rides to mountain hikes.

“This new collection embodies Swiss design, pushing to the limits the combination of high-quality materials and detail-driven functionality for which our brand is known,” states Carsten Kulcke, Chief Product Officer Travel Gear. “Extremely lightweight, the backpacks are engineered to meet the very specific needs of our most active and outdoor-loving customers“.

Indeed, every detail is inspired by the brand’s Swiss heritage and the Original Swiss Army Knife. Firstly, the designers know that adventure activities are thirsty work. The wearer of the backpack can easily grasp his or her water bottle from its mesh pocket inside the main compartment. For longer hikes, they may wish to insert a hydration system and drinking tube in the specially developed space. Of course, their hiking poles will already have been attached to the pack using the convenient elastic loops and their shoes and helmets secured by the strong cords.

For those who need to fill their packs to the brim, weight is evenly distributed by adjusting the sternum strap with its convenient magnetic closure system. Items are quickly retrieved from their dedicated spaces, such as the water-repellent mesh pocket accessed from both outside and inside. When out at night, the backpacks offer high visibility thanks to a reflective print displaying the packing capacity of the bag as well as the Victorinox geographical coordinates.

A total of five bags are available in black, dark teal and red, ranging from 18 liter to 35 liter capacity. Depending on individual needs, customers can choose between a compact style, cap or roll top models, an expandable version or a rucksack that converts into a duffle bag. And for rainy days, two covers will ensure the bags are fully water-tight.

The Altmont Active Lightweight backpacks are ready to meet all the challenges faced by today’s urban adventurers and outdoor explorers.

Product information

Altmont Active Lightweight Compact Backpack

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Altmont Active Lightweight Rolltop Backpack

Dark Teal
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Altmont Active Lightweight Expandable Backpack

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Altmont Active Lightweight Captop Backpack

Dark Teal
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Altmont Active Lightweight 2-in-1 Duffel Backpack

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