28 Oct 2018


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Victorinox Tipps for the Halloween Party

Whether you are hosting a Halloween party or relaxing at home waiting for Trick-or-Treaters, a wine cocktail is perfect for Fall! The WineMaster Swiss Army Knife is the perfect tool for the job, and are a stylish addition to any bar.

These devilishly tasty treats are perfect for your next Halloween party, and the only tools you need are your trusty 8” Chef’s knife and a sandwich bag:
1. Cut hard-boiled eggs in half, scoop out yolks and mix with your favorite deviled eggs ingredients.
2. Fill a sandwich bag with your “deviled” egg mixture, cut a ½ inch opening to pipe the mixture into the empty egg whites.
3. Use the spine of your knife to add grooves that resemble a pumpkin
4. Sprinkle with paprika
5.Using your knife, slice a piece of chive to make the stem of your egg pumpkins and serve immediately

When it comes to intricate details, Victorinox paring knives are the perfect tool. These Jack-O-Lantern oranges can’t help but smile and are the perfect healthy addition to any Halloween party.


Wine Master

Olive wood
$ 150.00

Fibrox® Pro 8'' Chef’s Knife, Extra Wide

$ 45.00

Swiss Classic Paring Knife

light green
$ 6.50