28 May 2018


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Fish and Seafood on the Grill

Summer is here – feels like the perfect time to be outside on a warm evening, relaxing with friends, in BBQ heaven. May we present our selection of highly skilled kitchen helpers, the perfect tools to make prepping your meat, fish, and vegetables child’s play. Let’s go – it’s time for the perfect cut!

Fish and seafood are a delicious alternative to a traditional grilled meat platter. Just add a dash of garlic sauce, a sprinkling of fresh herbs, and a little bread – simply magnificent! There’s something about seeing shrimp, bream, salmon, and tuna on the grill that makes any day feel like vacation, and that’s just one more reason to do it more often!

Here’s the good news for anyone who was reluctant to tackle high-quality fish up to now due to the prep work involved: With the right knives and a few tips, a successful outcome is not rocket science. Try aluminum foil or a grill tray to prevent delicate fillets from falling apart. You can also enrich the flavor with wine, vegetable chunks, and BBQ spices. Your shrimp kebabs will no longer fall through the grill, and working with special grill baskets or fish tongs helps prevent them from sticking. The heat should not be up too high; the best spots are at the sides of the grill. Try not to turn the food too frequently; a spatula is the perfect tool for doing this. Another helpful tip: soak the wood skewers in water first, so they won’t burst into flames.

Whole fish are an excellent option, although your guests have some work to do when eating them. We recommend: serving your guests fine fish fillets cooked skin-down on the grill; this helps keep them juicy and it’s easier to remove the skin once they are on the plate. Our Fish Knife Classshows you the correct techniques for prepping fish ready for cooking. So don’t be afraid to cast your line...

  • Barbecue Fork

Barbecue Fork

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  • Fibrox® Pro Filleting Knife Flexible

Fibrox® Pro Filleting Knife Flexible

black, 8 in
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  • Swiss Classic Filleting Knife

Swiss Classic Filleting Knife

black, 8 in
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  • Salmon Knife

Salmon Knife

Wood, 12 in
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