A genuine piece of Switzerland!

Natural, elegant, unique – the Evolution Wood 10 Swiss Spirit Special Edition 2019 elevates the Swiss Officer’s Knife to a highly exclusive symbol of a culture and tradition that have evolved over centuries. The scales are made from elegant walnut and embellished with lasered decoration, inspired by nature: edelweiss, flowers, and the Victorinox Cross & Shield make this Special Edition an attractive ambassador for our homeland. Now exclusively available in a silver gift box in a limited edition of 5,000 at official Victorinox flagship stores or from our online shop. A genuine piece of Switzerland – here for you to discover!

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Evolution Wood 10 Swiss Spirit Special Edition 2019

Swiss Spirit
$ 70.00

Wine Master

Olive wood
$ 150.00

Ranger Wood 55

Walnut wood
$ 80.50

NailClip Wood 580

Walnut wood
$ 40.25

Swiss Champ Wood

Walnut wood
$ 105.00

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Walnut wood
$ 40.00