Swiss Army Mystique Forest

Perfume with a Light Green Scent for Women.

Victorinox Swiss Army Mystique Forest

For some, nothing replenishes the soul like a walk through the green forest. It's a magical place – buzzing with life yet completely serene. And that's what we captured with the Swiss Army Mystique Forest Collection. So no matter where today's adventure takes you, you can always escape to Mystique Forest.

Olfactory Description

The composition of fig tree leaves and love apples (tomatoes), lemons, cardamom, magnolia blossom, vetiver and oak along with velvety moss develops a mysteriously feminine, sensual note, turning Mystique Forest into an emotional experience enchanting its wearer and her environment.

Discover the Swiss Army Mystique Forest movie

Experience walking in a forest, smelling the fragrance of the woodlands and meadows, and taking a small step back in life to set out on a journey of a lifetime.