Tips & Tricks

Learn how to use your Swiss Army Knife and look after it properly.

Lots of practical tips and tricks on how to use our pocket knives.

Really getting to know your pocket knife is a sure way of having more fun with it. This is the best way to make the most effective and creative use of all its different functions.

Discover new functions, useful carving techniques and many more tips and tricks.

Pocket knives in action

Are you familiar with all the features of your pocket knife? Really, all of them? In our short film series, we introduce you to a few hidden talents that this miniature version of a toolkit boasts.

FAQs about pocket knives

We love our pocket knives and we would really like you to feel the same way. That’s why we leave no stone unturned to keep you satisfied. If you have a question, our Customer Service staff is available to assist you. We have also posted FAQs and other concerns on our website.

Carving with children

Carving improves hand skills, encourages creativity and helps children discover nature while playing. To make sure children work safely and confidently, we have put together a few rules and tips.

New Products


Classic SD Alox Special Edition

Midnight Black
$ 45.00


$ 24.00

NailClip Wood 580

Walnut wood
$ 41.75

SwissTool BS

black oxide steel
$ 185.00

Huntsman Year of the Dog 2018

$ 100.00



Pocket Knife Toy

$ 13.00

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