Artists and designers at work for Victorinox

During the evolution of our company, a number of creative minds and hands have left their mark on our pocket knives. Who? Find out more.

We have fallen into the hands of many a clever creative mind

Every day, 60,000 pocket knives leave our production facilities in Ibach, Schwyz. A small proportion of these are limited editions. They are made by hand, with love and attention. Designers, architects and artists apply the same love and attention to our knives as they do to their creations.

Design studio Nerves

A tribute to Emil Cardinaux’s Matterhorn poster, 2010

Wallpaper* design magazine

“Cuts with Victorinox”, 2009

Artist Jamie Cullen

“Cuts with Victorinox”, 2009, for Wallpaper* magazine

Artist James Joyce

“Cuts with Victorinox”, 2009, for Wallpaper* magazine

A tribute to Victorinox

To the Swiss architect Le Corbusier, 2009

A tribute by Victorinox

To the canton of Schwyz, home of Victoria, the mother of the founder of Victorinox, 1998

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