Cutting Edge

Kitchen knives that are comfortable in the hand and easy on the eye. Explore our Swiss Modern knives.

Quality knives for home cooks and professional chefs

It’s not always enough to have a sharp blade that produces precise results when you are chopping and slicing in the kitchen. The right handle on your kitchen knife can also give you all the confidence of a professional chef, if it feels great in your hand. Our Swiss Modern range of kitchen knives is the ultimate blend of perfectly sharp blades paired with ergonomically-designed handles made of European walnut wood, helping you to cook effortlessly.

We want to show you a little bit more about what makes these knives so special. We are proud of their Swiss heritage, the inspiration behind their stunning design and the quality that goes into their production. Watch our short film to find out more.

Swiss Modern Knives

Swiss Modern Steak Knife Set, 2 pieces

Walnut wood
$ 80.00

Swiss Modern Office Knife

Walnut wood
$ 60.00

Swiss Modern Carving Knife

Walnut wood
$ 80.00

Swiss Modern Santoku Knife

Walnut wood
$ 80.00

Swiss Modern Bread and Pastry Knife

Walnut wood
$ 65.00

Swiss Modern Cutlery Block, 6 pieces

$ 400.00

Swiss Modern Cutlery Block

$ 90.00

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