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Books are simply unbeatable in certain situations. They need not wireless nor electricity, they have space for notes and if something is forgotten or yet to be understood, you can always look it up again and again. A book is a timeless gift!

Crafting with the Pocket Knife - Felix Immler

A Victorinox pocket knife and this book - always a great idea for shared walks and educational encounters in nature. Made for children and adolescents, and parents, educators and teachers who want to provide access to the art of carving in a clear and illustrative manner.

More about Felix Immler (in German only)

A treasure chest for the whole family

  • Length: 112 pages
  • Product Dimensions: H189mm x B128mm x T12mm
  • Available Languages: German, English, French
  • Paperback
  • Publishing year: 2016
  • Publisher: AT Verlag
  • ISBN-Nr. 978-3-03800-833-0

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