11 Feb 2019


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The Taste of Victorinox Swiss Army Rock

What happens when a Swiss pioneer of molecular and aromatic cuisine interprets a fragrance from Victorinox in his own way? It’s steaming, bubbling, and hissing on the stove, the sensory notes set the tone and the table is “rocking.” In our kitchen story “freestylecooking,” Rolf Caviezel has turned his attention to selected fragrances from the Victorinox Collection and translated their sensory character into refined taste experiences. To be enjoyed with all the senses and recreated at home – starting with the culinary interpretation of Swiss Army Rock. 

Swiss Army Rock Recipe

  • Chicken thighs on vanilla mashed potatoes
  • Coleslaw with caraway
  • Chocolate sauce with lavender

View Victorinox Swiss Army Rock Recipe (PDF)