Practical Swiss Souvenirs Great Gifts to Take Home

Souvenirs of Switzerland: Five Seriously Practical Gifts to Take Home With You

We’ve all been there. Caught up in the moment on holiday and you end up buying a cuckoo clock that doesn’t fit in anywhere when you get back home, simply because you wanted something that reminded you of a fabulous trip. But bringing home a souvenir doesn’t have to mean buying useless tat. Victorinox offers you highly practical products steeped in Swissness, that will last for years to come.

The Swiss Icon

Think of Switzerland and chances are one of the first things that comes into your head is the Swiss Army Knife. As Swiss as chocolate or cheese, our little red knife is an icon of Swissness, as well as being a highly useful gift for your loved ones or a lasting souvenir for yourself. Our Swiss Spirit knife is a collector’s item, with wooden scales engraved with the symbols of Switzerland.

Tick Tock Swissness O’Clock

Swiss watches are appreciated the world over, due to the craftsmanship and levels of quality that go into their production. We assemble our watches in our dedicated Watch Competence Center in Delémont, where we are proud to call our watches “Swiss Made”. Our Alliance watch is a beautiful piece, inlaid with mother of pearl and Swarovski crystals, a watch that makes a style statement from desk to dinner.

Precision on your Plate

Take a little piece of the famed Swiss precision home with you when you purchase one of our kitchen knives. Thanks to our more than 130 years of experience, we have expertly honed each blade to perfection. Our Swiss Classic Carving Knife is an affordable yet durable knife, which will bring you happy memories every time you use it for your Sunday roast or for chopping your vegetables.

The Scent of Switzerland

It is often said that a certain scent can evoke a particular time, place or person, and smell and memory are closely linked. Whether you are looking to leave a lasting impression on that special someone, or if you simply wish to evoke your travels in Switzerland, our fragrances are the ideal gift. Our newest fragrance, Swiss Army Steel, captures the essence of modern man in a powerful, invigorating scent.

Swiss Engineering as your Travel Companion

What better way to travel than having a reminder of a special trip with you, each time you take a new trip? Our Connex Hardside Global Carry-On is packed with practical features and the functionality for which the Swiss are renowned. Expandable, featuring a USB port and coming with an integrated multi-tool, this is a durable and stylish case that will see you through many journeys to come.

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  • Evolution Wood 10 Swiss Spirit Special Edition 2019

Evolution Wood 10 Swiss Spirit Special Edition 2019

Swiss Spirit
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  • Alliance Small
  • Alliance Small, 35 mm
  • Alliance Small
  • Alliance Small

Alliance Small

mother-of-pearl, 35 mm
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  • Swiss Classic Carving Knife

Swiss Classic Carving Knife

black, 8 in
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  • 100 ml
  • 50 ml

Swiss Army Steel Eau de Toilette

100 ml
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