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How To Videos: Insider Tips and Tricks from Two Barbecue Experts

It’s fairly safe to say that there are few nations which know more about barbecue than Australia. Heavily influenced by the amazing choice of fresh seafood and meat on offer, combined with sunny weather and beach culture, barbecue is the national pastime for many Australians.

We talk to Darren O’Rourke who is Head Butcher at Victor Churchill, Australia’s oldest continually run butcher shop. This exquisitely appointed space is surely one of the most beautiful butchers in the world, complete with bronzed sausage door handles and a glass-fronted dry-ageing room. For every bit of detail that has gone into the décor, at least the same if not more has gone into the selection of meat on offer. The team who run the butchers work with Australia’s best producers, as well as sourcing exquisite cuts from around the world, like Kobe beef from Japan. The entire butcher team work with Victorinox knives on a daily basis and have partnered with us for the several years. Watch Darren show us how to select and prepare meat to get the best barbecue results in his how to videos.

The Victor Churchill empire has expanded in recent years to include Vic’s Meat Market – a butcher, smokehouse and grill restaurant located in Sydney’s Fish Market. Using meat of unparalleled quality from Victor Churchill, the restaurant serves up burgers, ribs and steaks, and their tools of the trade are Victorinox knives. Watch these true grill experts show us how to barbecue meat and vegetables in these videos.

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