Swiss Knife Valley Visitor Center

Explore the Victorinox brand world in the Swiss Knife Valley VISITOR CENTER Brunnen and the Victorinox Brand Store & Museum.

A warm welcome to the Swiss Knife Valley Visitor Center

Whatever the weather, the Victorinox Brand store with its museum integrated in the Swiss Knife Valley VISITOR CENTER is a great day out.

A visit to the “Swiss Knife Valley” is always worth the trip: it can be combined with a cruise on Lake Lucerne, hiking in the beautiful region of Central Switzerland, a visit to an exhibition, and enjoyment of the culinary delights of the region and seasonal events.

Suggestions can be found on the Swiss Knife Valley website.

An interactive exhibition in the Swiss Knife Valley VISITOR CENTER presents the history of the Swiss Army Knife and the milestones of the company. The top tourist attractions in the Schwyz region are presented in a short multimedia show and a variety of rare knives can also be viewed.

Would you like to assemble your own Swiss Army Knife and have it engraved? Expert instructors will help you do this in just 15 minutes – an interesting experience for all ages.

You can also find an extensive range of Victorinox pocket knives, household and professional knives, watches, travel gear and fragrances in the Brand store. 

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