What’s Cooking?

Whether you are a beginner or an old hand, let Victorinox show you how to make the perfect cut.

Slice and Dice

True cooking adventures don’t just begin in the kitchen. They begin with the careful sourcing of the right ingredients, finding inspiration for recipes whilst on your travels or at the local farmers market, pushing your boundaries by trying new things, and of course with the selection of the right tools for your prep. 
Victorinox helps to prepare you for every day’s adventures, especially in the kitchen. We have over 130 years of experience when it comes to knifemaking and we put not only expertise but also passion into creating our knives. We make knives and kitchen accessories for beginners to professionals. Get inspired by our workbags with specific kit for different types of chefs.
We highlight a few of our key cooking tools including our Swiss Modern range – beautifully-designed handles matched with precision blades – and our Allrounder cutting boards, who found their origins in an unexpected place. If you are more a beginner than a pro, or simply wish to hone your techniques, then check out our “How To” videos or our knife masterclasses because everyone knows that practice makes perfect. Now you’re cooking.