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We would like to introduce you to our functional watches. Particular attention has been paid to practical tracking and travel functions. The watches were originally designed for pilots, race car drivers, seamen, and Olympic athletes, and even today their exceptional durability will impress on your everyday adventures.

You can find out what makes the performance of a Swiss chronograph watch from Victorinox so reliable and gives these men’s timing watches their unbeatable durability here...

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Unbeatable all-rounders:
Victorinox Swiss Chronograph Watches

Swiss chronograph watches are generally regarded as all-rounders, although based on their original purpose they are simply defined as a watch with a stopwatch function. Apart from their characteristic buttons, they get this from their classic dial and the particularly sporty look that makes these models extremely popular with men. That’s why the chronograph watch is also frequently called a men’s watch, despite the fact that women certainly enjoy wearing them as well. The typical chronograph layout is distinguished by the analog time display, with a separate hour, minute, and second hand. The case is fitted with buttons above and below the crown that are used for starting and stopping, as well as resetting the stopwatch hands. Chronographs are frequently confused with, or regarded as being the same as, chronometers, but on further consideration that falls short of the mark, because the latter term is primarily used to describe extremely accurate watches; a chronograph can do that too but the name on its own does not reveal anything about it.

Intelligent multi-functionality – harmoniously combined in one watch:
Chronograph watch function and tachymeter display, date and day of the week, moon phases, military time, countdown timer, and slide rule – chronograph watches from Victorinox are small technological marvels that will impress in sports and everyday life. Whatever purpose they happen to serve this second, and in whatever specific environment they are used, they are ready to fulfill their potential at the touch of a button and the time is always in view.

Timelessly beautiful materials – confident in any situation:
A robust case made from Swiss stainless steel and triple coated, anti-reflective sapphire glass make Victorinox chrono watches resistant to knocks and scratches. Whatever puts their durability to the test – they take on the challenge and withstand any situation with confidence. A double-locking safety clasp in selected models also protects against loss.

Robust quality mechanism – for a long service life:
Victorinox chronograph watches are optionally obtainable with a quartz or mechanical automatic movement; over time this makes no difference – they are calibrated for the long haul and way ahead of their time. The mechanical chronograph movement works at 28,800 semi-oscillations an hour; accordingly, the second hand moves in 8 steps every second. Both movements are produced by well-known manufacturers here in Switzerland. The availability of replacement parts has been assured for the long term and repairs are entrusted to authorized watchmakers.

Unique details – unmistakably Victorinox:
Form and function in perfect harmony, lasting precision and exclusivity assured, demonstrated by proven value retention: Chronograph watches from Victorinox impress in every detail and the heart of our brand DNA beats in every design. The Alliance Sport Chronograph makes this visible externally, borrowing in color and form from the design of the Original Swiss Army Knife, which gives its form an additional unmistakable character.

Made in Switzerland – a clear statement of origin:
Switzerland is our home, and “Swissness” is a quality promise that we have always embedded in the value canon of our brand. Every chrono watch from Victorinox is an Original Swiss Chronograph, developed and produced here in Switzerland from A to Z – and at times the expression of a very special declaration of love.

Swiss chronograph watches for women – we are thinking unisex here:
Chronograph watches are sporty timepieces, which makes the movement more complex and requires a certain size depending on the construction. That’s why they are rarely available in smaller formats. The dial and sub-dials – the small additional ancillary dials – should be small and easy to read. And because we think wearing a watch like this is a statement, timing watches from Victorinox are made for men and women alike; we don’t make any distinction here.

Our reference for excellence – the Victorinox Competence Center in Delémont:
Research and development, design and technical feasibility, realization, assembly and quality control – at the Victorinox Competence Center in Delémont there are experienced specialists at work in every stage of production who dedicate themselves to the value chain with expertise and care to meet the highest standards. The motivation of Victorinox watch experts is to translate our brand DNA into outstanding products that create intelligent added value.

Victorinox Swiss chronograph watches – order online:
Material and style, bracelet, dial color, and price – set the filters according to your preferences and view a comparison of the different models. When trying a Victorinox chronograph watch on your wrist we recommend you visit a Victorinox flagship store or an authorized specialist dealer.