The Christmas goose Knife School - Part 4

How to cut Poultry

How to carve and arrange goose, duck, and turkey on a platter like a kitchen pro – our step-by-step tutorial will show you how to prepare large poultry like an expert. With the right tools from Victorinox and our tips from a professional chef, you will effortlessly master poultry preparation every time – so why not get out your poultry shears and your poultry knife and let us show you the steps you need to know to carve your goose like a pro...

Step 1

First, cut off the neck using the Victorinox carving knife and remove the inner organs from the abdominal cavity. If you would like to cook the neck together with the stock, carefully peel off the skin before separating the neck from the body.

Step 2

Next, grip one of the wings, pull it away from the body and, using poultry shears, cut through the front part of the wing at the joint. Repeat exactly the same process with the other wing.

Step 3

For the legs, you also need to pull these forcibly away from the body. Then use a poultry knife to cut down between the body and the leg until you expose the leg joint. Dislocate the leg from the joint and then use the knife to sever the leg from the body.

Step 4

Separate the breast from the carcass by using the poultry shears and cutting along both sides of the breastbone. Cook the breast together with the bones; this makes the meat juicier.

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Victorinox carving knives feature a wide, high blade, which tapers to a fine point. These knives let you effortlessly carve your way through roasted meats, leaving a smooth, even cut. Expect a clean cut every time with these poultry shears. Ultra-sharp, with a stainless spring, the poultry shears separate into two pieces for easy cleaning. Victorinox poultry knives are also indispensable kitchen helpers for carving and slicing poultry. The short, narrow blades are designed for precision cuts and are polished to ensure that you slice cleanly and smoothly, with no meat left sticking to the blade.
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