Urban Outdoor

Finding the balance between a fast-paced urban life and the precious moments of escape means living the urban outdoor lifestyle.

The Victorinox way: from urban to outdoor

We firmly believe in making the most of every day’s adventures, whether that means being well-prepared for the unexpected, or having the confidence to explore new ground. For us, adventure can equally be found in the heart of a metropolis as on the ascent of a mountain. And our mission is to provide you with the products that can accompany you from the urban world to the outdoor.

We celebrate the Swiss Army Knife with a short film which portrays this little red knife as an icon of the urban outdoor movement. We also take a look at some surprising ways in which your multi-tool can help you in your daily life and we encourage you to share your own Swiss Army Knife life hacks with us.

Get inspired by different scenarios which encapsulate the urban outdoor lifestyle such as urban fishing, a mountain bike trail, or food foraging excursion. Find out a little more on foraging for food with an article by a chef and an expert in this field. We also provide a guide to your ultimate urban outdoor companion, the Altmont backpack, and help you to understand which one is right for you.

We hope we’ll inspire you with our look at the urban outdoor lifestyle, and the products which can help make the most of this exciting way of life.

There are so many exciting things to discover at Victorinox. Have a look around now!

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