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Dive into the azure-blue waves of the ocean with Victorinox. Our diving watches combine practical functions, technical expertise, and breathtaking design in a single waterproof package. Their robust finish and flawless appearance make them cut as good a figure whether you’re deep sea diving or in the concrete jungle.

We’d like to add a few more words about what distinguishes the quality and reliability of a Swiss dive watch from Victorinox and the requirements that every single model has to meet to satisfy our standards…

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In Its Element – In Water and on Land:
Victorinox Diving Watches

Although sports divers have now largely replaced watches with a diving computer – the popularity of the diving watch is undiminished, and for good reason: on the wrist this type emphasizes a casual attitude and a strong instinct for style, superior standards, and conscious activity. But what distinguishes a professional sport diving watch from a classic wristwatch? What sets diving watches from Victorinox apart – and what does the official ISO 6425 standard mean? We have put together the answers to these questions and other interesting topics for you below.

Sporting performance – precise, waterproof, and pressure-resistant:
When it comes to time, both reliability and pinpoint accuracy are essential for sport dive watches and these must also be guaranteed flawlessly under increasing pressure. So that this is realized for divers in practice, every series is subjected to multiple tests that simulate the functions under water; the demands are high, and for the international market these are set out in the ISO 6425 standard: this specifies a pressure resistance of 20 bar and above, although the average depth on a dive among amateur divers rarely exceeds 30 to 40 meters. This explains why Victorinox Swiss diving watches from the I.N.O.X. Professional Diver collection are officially certified, whereas the watches in our Maverick range are not given this certification. They are waterproof to a depth of 100 meters, which is roughly equivalent to a pressure of 11 bar and is sufficient for the requirements of many occasional divers.

Characteristic diver’s bezel – non-slip, robust, and can only be turned counter-clockwise:
With the diving watch the rotatable bezel is used to monitor the dive time; for this purpose it is fitted with a diver’s scale with contrasting 5-minute markings and a luminous point at 0 minutes, and it can only be moved in one direction. This ensures that the specified time can never be reset accidentally and extended. Precise setting of the dive time must also be guaranteed at a depth of 30 meters; that’s why the diver’s bezel must fit exactly and be easy to operate.

Functional hands and indices – clear, neat, and luminescent:
Anyone who experiences it for the first time will be amazed how quickly it gets dark as you descend into the depths. For this reason, the functionality of a dive watch requires clear legibility without restriction in every location. The hands and indices in our collections are equipped with Super-LumiNova luminosity and every model is fitted with triple anti-glare, anti-reflective sapphire glass. The I.N.O.X. Professional Diver range goes one step further: it also has a removable case cover with a magnifying glass.

High-quality case – robust, scratch-resistant, and durable:
Air and water pressure, vibrations, sun, salt water, and external impact – during sports the watch becomes a functional item and has to withstand extreme stresses. The cases of our Swiss dive watches are made from high-quality stainless steel and ultra-lightweight titanium. The quality and strength of these materials have been demonstrably proven and are tried and tested. Screw-in casebacks and screw-down crowns provide extra protection against penetration by water, condensation, and dust.

Flexible watch bracelets – robust, comfortable, and individually adaptable:
Stainless steel or leather, rubber or paracord, every material has its own advantages and nowadays choosing one or the other is primarily a matter of taste. Because the pressure ratios change under water and the watches also have to fit over your suit when diving, practical flexibility is fundamentally essential for diving watches. Bracelets made from steel and paracord have what’s known as a diver’s extension. By contrast, rubber displays the necessary elasticity, the comfort during wear is lastingly high with proper care, and it cannot slip.

Swiss quality – durable, multifunctional, and innovative:
Victorinox made history with the Original Swiss Army Knife; tradition and origin have characterized our brand from the very beginnings – as has the objective of equipping every one of our products with the DNA of our brand in its own way. Diving watches from Victorinox make good on this promise by combining excellent design and innovative materials, Swiss movements and stainless steel cases that are made in Switzerland.

Victorinox Swiss dive watches – order online:
Men’s or women’s models, analog quartz or mechanical automatic movement, black or colored dial, waterproof to 100 or 200 meters; set the filters to your own preferences and choose the Victorinox diving watch that fits you and your sport best.