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Victorinox Morning Dew Eau de Toilette

Victorinox Morning Dew evokes the feeling of stepping across dewy grass as the gentle warmth of the sunrise melts over your skin. Awaken your senses with the refined scent of a sheer citrus blend, white flowers and airy musk. Cherish the moment, feel revitalized. Every Day Starts with the Promise of a New Beginning

Swiss Army Steel

Feel the fusion of refreshing aquatic accords with the magnetic power of steel and explore our new signature scent. Swiss Army Steel surrounds you with confidence, sophistication and natural energy.

Swiss Army For Her Eau Florale

Made for the modern playful woman, our new Eau Florale fragrance is crisp and fresh. Watch the movie as it brings this fragrance to life, following the Eau Florale woman as she explores a world infused with brightness and joy.

Victorinox Swiss Army Rock

Living life to the full

The new fragrance Victorinox Swiss Army Rock opens the door to a world full of freedom and adventurous spirit. Dive into the world of Swiss Army Rock.

Victorinox Swiss Army For Her

Swiss Army For Her is a lusciously floral scent combining the delicacy of nature with the fast flow of life. The woman who wears it blooms with femininity and confidence, inspired by romance and adventure.

Swiss Army Classic Sport

You're off on a spirited adventure in the wide open spaces of nature - what a wonderfully liberating feeling after a week of hard work. You want this sensation to last as long as possible. And now you have that option.

Swiss Unlimited Energy

Feel refreshed and energized with our Swiss Unlimited Energy Eau de Cologne. The fragrance will exhilarate your senses with refreshing notes of grapefruit, nutmeg and cedar-wood.

Mystique Forest

Making of documentary

A camera team followed us while developing not only the scent but also the packaging and the advertising campaign. An interesting and magical process!

Victorinox Ella

The new Victorinox Ella fragrance arouses your wanderlust. That’s why we create Ellawalks around the globe. You can even create your own.

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Swiss Army Eau Florale Eau de Toilette

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Swiss Army Rock Eau de Toilette

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