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Designed by Abitax Tokyo

Victorinox Tomo

Victorinox Tomo – Modern Art Cutting

Swiss Precision meets Japanese Design

Designed by Abitax Tokyo

Available in July

Mr. Kazuma Yamaguchi

graduated from Musashi Institute of Technology, Tokyo

product designer at Isao Hosoe Design Studio, Italy / Andries van Onck Design Studio, Italy

opened Kazuma Yamaguchi Design Studio in Tokyo

established Design Studio ABITAX

<< ‘I do not intend to say much about the design but would like to leave it up to individuals to decide how they like it.

However, I hope it appears to be cool and fashionable as well as functional.>>

Background of Victorinox by ABITAX

It’s been said «Form follows function» which is rightly true. The design and the shape of Victorinox pocket knives represent this philosophy. Meeting this criterion alone does not guarantee the success of the product in today’s developed market, however. Products must have a total product power to appeal to the psychological aspect of the consumers such as eco-conscious packaging and a wider color choice.

ABITAX, 7-4-2-1F-A Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan