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Victorinox Secure / Presentation Master

The new Victorinox USB stick ‘Victorinox Secure / Presentation Master’ proved a hard nut to crack in Geneva as well after Las Vegas and London – and thus the code was unbreakable for already the third time this year – once again living up to its reputation as one of the most secure data carriers of its type available on the market.

The participants were given 2 hours to access the relevant files using their own personal approaches to the problem, but nobody succeeded in spite of the numerous intriguing attempts. None of the proposed solutions ultimately led to the desired objective. The prize money of CHF 100,000.00 went unclaimed in Geneva.

Another opportunity to break the code of the stick will be provided in Las Vegas again as early as the beginning of 2011! However, this time the winner could walk away with the princely sum of 250,000 US dollars!

Click on this YouTube link to see the video of the event.