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Victorinox Swiss Army takes pride in being environmentally conscious both at our Global Headquarters in Ibach, Switzerland as well as in our North American Headquarters located in Monroe, CT. 

Green Initiatives at the North American Headquarters

Headquarters Building:

-  Oriented so that a majority of the open fronts - lobby, cafeteria, and fitness center - are facing north/south, minimizing solar heat gain.

-  White reflective roofing material is used instead of standard black, heat absorbing material, significantly reducing heat gain and in turn reducing the need for additional cooling

-  Designed with the most current energy saving equipment,

-  Use of low-energy T-5 fluorescent bulbs throughout the building, with motion sensors that automatically shut off lights in areas not being used

-  Packaging, packing/shipping materials, printed materials and all office cleaning supplies are chosen with a focus on eco-friendly

Interior Finishes:

-  Every finish chosen for the building subscribes to the ecologically intelligent initiative known as “Cradle to Cradle”. Cradle to Cradle ensures that products are manufactured from recycled materials and are themselves recyclable at the end of their use

-  Carpet, the predominant floor finish, is manufactured at a green facility where all manufacturing waste is sent to a company-owned reclamation center, diverting hundreds of thousands of pounds of used carpet from landfills


-  All furniture chosen for the building embraces environmental initiatives and much of it is LEED-certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)

-  Task chairs for all employees are manufactured from 40% recycled content. These chairs are 100% recyclable and are LEED certified for indoor air quality

-  Work surfaces in offices and workstations are manufactured using wood cores that are comprised of 100% recycled wood fibers


-  Used in conjunction with the local utility company to supplement the energy supply when the state electrical grid is on overload

-  Generator decreases the citywide energy draw during summer’s high demands by removing the entire building’s energy needs when activated