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Swiss Tracker Bag Tracking Program

Reunite with your Lost Bag – For Free

Select bags feature our free Swiss Tracker Bag Tracking Program which will help reunite you with your luggage should it ever be lost. Here is how the Swiss Tracker Bag Tracking Program works:

Your bag features a unique tracking ID number and a 24–hour-a-day, 365-days-a-year number to call collect from anywhere in the world. If someone finds your lost Victorinox Travel Gear bag, they can simply call our customer service representative at the phone number provided. Using your unique ID number, we will work with them to reunite you with your bag. We will notify you, arrange pickup and then coordinate delivery of the bag to your desired location – at no cost to you.

How to participate and register for the program
Purchase any eligible product and submit your Online registration here.

View products covered by the Swiss Tracker Program

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