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Mix, Match and Go: Find your Inspiration with Functional Products and Travel Tips from Victorinox

Not every trip is long or requires bigger luggage. Some are shorter, some more casual, some sportier. Whatever the case, Victorinox offers you maximum flexibility. Whether you mix between hard or soft shell cases, or if you mix and match between colors and collections, all of the products offer smart functionality and are packed with the Victorinox DNA.

We share tips for keeping fit on the road , on how to travel sustainably or advice on choosing between hardside or softside luggage. Take a detailed look at the functionality and the versatility of our products, or get inspired by our workbag photos. After all, travel is not just about the destination, but about the journey itself.


Altmont Active Lightweight Expandable Backpack

Dark Teal
CAD 136.00

Altmont Active Lightweight Rolltop Backpack

CAD 124.00

Altmont Active Lightweight Captop Backpack

CAD 148.00