Victorinox Briefcases

Now that just about every business can be on a global scale, a business leader needs to get out there and travel the world. Fortunately, all Victorinox briefcases are designed to keep everything you need well protected and easily accessible. Pick the one that's right for you, pack it up with all your essential gear and get to work.

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  • LaSalle 13

LaSalle 13

black, 11 l
  • Lexington 15

Lexington 15

black, 17 l
  • 13'' Laptop Brief

13'' Laptop Brief

black, 9 l
  • 15'' Laptop Brief

15'' Laptop Brief

black, 16 l
  • Architecture Urban Bodmer 14
  • Architecture Urban Bodmer 14

Architecture Urban Bodmer 14

black, 11 l
  • Brunswick Laptop Brief

Brunswick Laptop Brief

black, 18 l
  • 2-Way Carry Laptop Bag

2-Way Carry Laptop Bag

black, 16 l
  • Crossbody Tablet Bag

Crossbody Tablet Bag

black, 5 l
  • Crossbody Laptop Bag

Crossbody Laptop Bag

black, 8 l
  • Century Vertical

Century Vertical

black, 34 l
  • Shenton


black, 25 l