The Materials We Use

Known for our innovations with stainless steel, we also use other natural materials to create iconic and timeless designs.

Our materials inspire both form and function

Although both our name and our heritage are firmly rooted in our pioneering use of “inox”, we go beyond stainless steel, using inspiring materials from the natural world in our products. From ultra-durable carbon composite, to the patterned waves of damast steel, our materials show how effortlessly we blend beautiful design with high-performance functionality.


The celebrated Alox scales have reached a near cult status, thanks to their unique surface which is pleasing to both hand and eye. The appeal of Alox is in its merging of aesthetics with functionality – its attractive embossed surface make the knife both lightweight and easy to grip, and the hardened oxide layer helps to protect against damage and corrosion.

After being punched from aluminum and embossed, Alox scales go through a process called Eloxal which uses anodic oxidation to create a protective layer. It is this final layer which allows for the coloring of the scales.

Alox has a strong significance in the history of Victorinox. First introduced for the Pioneer knife in 1957, Alox was a key feature of the Soldier’s Knife which was redesigned in 1961 and used until 2008. Today, we issue a Classic pocketknife with Alox scales in a different color every year. These limited edition knives are highly sought-after by design afficionados and collectors, showing the true timeless appeal of this iconic material.


The striking black color of carbon makes it an ideal material for lovers of design and its subtle mottled pattern ensures each piece is individual. For our watches, we use a carbon composite which can withstand temperatures in excess of 1200ºC and is used by space shuttles for the extreme reentry temperatures that they need to withstand. Both eye-catching and extremely durable, we use carbon to create both a statement watch as well as an elegant pocketknife.

Damascus Steel

Elegant yet robust, our Damast knives are perhaps the ultimate example of when functionality meets design. Although today, new methods are used to produce Damascus steel, the origins of the material lie in ancient and long lost techniques from India and Persia.

Scientists have established that its extraordinary strength comes from a unique carbon structure which gives the blade both hardness and flexibility. "The especially strong blade makes it a robust companion for anyone who anticipates unexpected situations – be it a craftsman or an everyday adventurer,” says Erwin Müller, Head of Production for Victorinox.

But it is the distinctive waved pattern of the steel which makes these knives so special. With careful grinding, polishing and etching, the unique and characteristic patterns are revealed, thereby providing a glimpse into the soul of the steel. Our limited edition Pioneer X Damast knives combine a Damascus steel blade with eye-catching Alox scales, creating a true design classic which is extremely desirable for collectors and fans alike.

Products with Alox, Carbon and Damast

I.N.O.X. Carbon

black, 43 mm

I.N.O.X. Carbon

black, 43 mm

Pioneer Alox Limited Edition 2017

olive green

Cadet Alox

CAD 49.50

MiniChamp Alox


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