Victorinox inspires artists and designers

We are very pleased that the Swiss Army Knife has become an inspirational product. Discover the exciting creative artworks it has already inspired.

Claes Oldenburg, Thomas Hirschhorn, Humberto & Fernando Campana – artists inspired by Victorinox

The Swiss Army Knife is recognizable throughout the whole world. It is a by-word for multi-functionality, but it also simply represents a handy tool which fits in your pocket. Because of this, the Swiss Army Knife has become a symbol, and like any symbol, it lends itself to a range of different uses or interpretations. We are always moved by the level of creativity, the depth of feeling and even the humor our products inspire.

Are you curious how creative minds from all over the world have been inspired by the Swiss Army Knife? Find out more!

Kyle Bean

The Makers, 2016

Commissioned by Victorinox, the British artist Kyle Bean created a collage where Victorinox products are placed in a Swiss landscape. Watch how his artwork was assembled here.

Pedro Reyes

Swiss Army Knife, 2013 – 2015

This Mexican artist browses through flea markets to find individual elements, which fit together to create a pocket knife. When the viewer opens the individual elements, each has its own theme and tells a different story.

Domeau Pérès

Fauteuil Couteau Suisse, 2014

French designers, Bruno Domeau and Philip Pérès, call it the most “practical chair in the world” and their design concept has created quite a buzz in the blogosphere.

Humberto & Fernando Campana

Shaping Silestone, 2012

The Campana brothers from Brazil developed a kitchen with a practical focus for the International Design Exhibition in Milan. It opens up like a Swiss Army Knife.

Shawn Sheehy

Pop-Up Swiss Army Knife, 2011

American artist Shawn Sheehy describes himself as a pop-up engineer and recreates almost any given item as a folding pop-up object. One such example is the Swiss Army Knife he designed for “Vintage Magazine”.

Laura Mangiavacchi

Swiss Products, 2008

This artist chose four products which Italians like to associate with Switzerland: cheese, chocolate, watches and the Swiss Army Knife. They were reproduced on postage stamps.

Thomas Hirschhorn

Swiss Army Knife, 1998

Thomas Hirschhorn is one of the most successful Swiss artists on the international stage. In 1998 he used the Kunsthalle Bern as the venue for an exhibit on Switzerland which featured the Swiss Army Knife as the focal point.

Claes Oldenburg

Il Corso del Coltello, 1995

This artist constructed a 24-meter long boat in the shape of a pocket knife. It sailed through Venice and was exhibited in the Guggenheim Museum and the Pompidou Centre, among other places.

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