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  • Do not set the date between 09.00PM and 03.00AM when the date mechanism is in action. Be careful to not confuse Noon and Midnight.
  • Do not expose to chemicals, solvents or gases as they can cause deterioration, discoloration and damage to the case.
  • Do not apply any cosmetics or perfumes directly onto the case, leather strap or metal bracelet.
  • Although all Victorinox Swiss Army watches are shock resistant, it is best to avoid impacts, knocks and repeated friction that could scratch the metal and affect the watch mechanism. We recommend you to remove your watch off when playing tennis, squash or golf.
  • Avoid high temperatures and strong magnetic fields.
  • Authentic Victorinox Swiss Army leather straps will last an average of 12 to 18 months, under normal condition of use. This lifespan depends on various factors such as skin acidity, perspiration, contact with chemicals, weather conditions, climate and humidity. For instance, contact with water or any other liquid may cause the strap to wear prematurely.
    • To keep your leather strap in a good condition we recommend you remove your watch for daily showering or swimming.
    • If you have a very active lifestyle, particularly involving frequent exposure to salt water and heavy perspiration, we recommend a steel bracelet or rubber strap.
    • Keep in mind that the color and suppleness of leather are subject to change with time and exposure to external elements.