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Victorinox Sponsor of a Global Climate Expedition

The Swiss family Schwöer-Amman is into a seven years epic journey, travelling the world to spread the message of climate change and the importance of the environment. Dario Schwöer, his wife Sabine Schwöer-Ammann and their children Salina, five, and Andri, two, together with other volunteers, are undertaking a global climate expedition called Top To Top.

Under the patronage of the United Nations Environment Programme, they are attempting to travel the world by walking or biking, or using solar or wind energy to power their 15-metre yacht Pachamama. Part of the trip involves climbing the highest peaks on each of the seven continents - Mt Blanc in Europe, Aconcagua in South America, Mt McKinley in North America, Mt Kosciuszko in Australia, Mt Everest in Asia, Kilimanjaro in Africa and Mt Vinson in Antarctica. While in different countries they look at the things people do to counter the effects of climate change, and speak to school pupils about their adventures.

TOPtoTOP Global Climate Expedition began in 2002, and is a non-profit organisation of volunteers from 28 nations, based in Switzerland, under the patronage of the United Nations Environment Program and the Swiss Government. The yacht, PACHAMAMA, (Incan word for "Mother Earth"), is equipped with 11 Solar Panels and 2 Wind turbines, making it THE example for the cruising world, demonstrating what is possible in extreme conditions with smart renewable technologies.

Their challenge is to travel to the highest peak in each seven continents, connecting all the major climate zones, using only their own strength and natural energy such as the wind and the sun. This unique initiative is based on environmental sustainability and to prove that great things can be achieved in balance with nature. The goal of the expedition is to bring awareness of environmental issues, to promote the search for environmentally compatible solutions and to encourage the start of projects beneficial to the environment.

All these amazing achievements would never have been made possible without the generous support of their sponsors, particularly their two major sponsors SGS and Victorinox. SGS and Victorinox have both been actively involved in getting PACHAMAMA ready for participation in the race. Their amazing support is a crucial aspect of the success of the TOPtoTOP expedition. Both companies are great examples of organisations that are increasingly embracing the principles of environmental sustainability in their planning, reporting and decision-making.

For more information visit the TOPtoTop Hompage